Tailscale blocked by firewall?

I can install tailscale on my GL.iNet Slate but it doesn’t work unless I turn off the firewall.

Anybody has similar issues and know how to fix it?

Just taking a quick look at their guide here:


It says that you might want to open UDP port 41641. Try that and see?

Not working. Is there a way to debug on what firewall blocked so I can try to open it?

The tailscale status is running but the ping to hello.ipn.dev is not passing unless I do /etc/init.d/firewall stop

I have no idea. You can check the output of logread.

Although seeing that the whole marketing of that Tailscale is that it can bypass firewalls with zero configuration, it doesn’t seem to be doing a good job. Maybe just use Wireguard instead. They are using Wireguard with their junk on top that is not doing a good job :slight_smile: