Tailscale Breaks VPN connection to home based addresses

I have a GL-AX1800 (at home, Wireguard vpn client with a VPN provider, Openvpn server that my phone and travel router connect to - with VPN cascade set up) and a GL-AR750S (travel router, Openvpn client connection to home router)

Everything is functioning as expected - I am able to access my home based IPs remotely through my connection to the AR750s - until I enable Tailscale on the AR750s. Once that happens all the connections break - I can not access internet or home based IP addresses through the AR750s.

Is this a known problem? Any troubleshooting tips?

Edit: AR750s running 4.3.7 beta release 4
AX1800 running 4.2.3 release 5

As you use Tailscale, can you disable vpn? Using both makes things complicated.

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Ok. I’ll run it just on VPN. Tailscale is a ‘nice to have’ for remote management of the travel router.

At some point it would be wonderful to run both, but if at present thats not possible i’ll work with just the VPN.

Note, also, that Tailscale is a software-defined overlay network built with WireGuard.

Among other things, Tailscale handless all of the key management required to manage the many point-to-point WireGuard connections that comprise its mesh network.