Tailscale | Devices can't go out to internet via another router configured as exit node

Hi All. I have this enviroment. I have two routers (brume 2 Firmware Version:4.4.6 | Router A and Router B)

As you can see the Router A is configured as “exit node”, well the problem is when I configured the Router B ,as a Client I mean as “Custom Exit node” assigning the “exit node ip” that got from the Router A (100.64.X.X), devices attached to Router B (LAN = can’t go out to internet. If it works well I should go out via ISP Personal. Let me know how to fix it. Thanks

To understand better my idea I have done it before with OpenWrt (via lucy and SSH) and It worked perfect. Attached videos about it

Ah nice someone else made thread for this topic!
I’m about to go on holiday and got a AXT1800 AX to use it as my “remote node” in Tailscale and access the home network and can’t get the internet working on the GLInet if it connects to tailnet.

Did you setup brume2 as “exit node” by modifying script “/usr/bin/gl_tailscale” ? Please refer to (Tailscale on XE3000 to route all traffic through remote MT3000 running tailscale - #26 by Cfm765)