Tailscale Exit Node Not Working & Wrong Bind Account Listed - GL-A1300

I have two GL-A1300’s. One has been set up for a while and is always routing through an exit node. All is fine with that one. The other I just set up today, and when I try to route through any exit node suddenly no traffic goes out over the internet. I can’t figure out why, and it’s the only reason I’m trying to set this one up.

Oddly, it also shows the wrong bind account (one that exists on my tailnet, but not the one I used). Even if I re-link, it still shows the wrong bind account. The correct bind account is showing in my Tailscale console.

Both devices are running the same software (latest release version), very minimal non-default settings happening - but no traffic going out when exit node activated.

Any ideas would be helpful

Adjusting the firewall settings as outlined below worked for me. So strange that on my other router (same hardware and software) I didn’t have to do this.

Still a mystery about the linked account. Looking forward to an update to Tailscale on these devices.

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