Tailscale how to access GL.inet device webpage

I have turned on tailscale
I can SSH into GL.iNET router remotely
I want to access the web server as well remotely using tailscale IP address
(tailsacle) https://100.x.y.z/#/login …this doesnot work

Is tailscale installed on the computer your using to access the gl inet?

yes TS is also installed in my computer and it is connected to the TS server
And i can see both the laptop and X3000 connected to TS server…it says connected

I can connect to the web gui with either the ip address ( , the ts address 100.x.y.z or the ts machine name.
Is the gl inet configured as a subnet router in ts?

Here is a link for setup.

Yes, X3000 is configured as a subnet router in TS

In TS web, under X3000, i clicked on “Edit Route Settings”
Three IP address popped up (ethernet, cellular, repeater)
All of them are checked
I am using Multi-WAN as a failover so at present only Ethernet is carrying all traffic.
It is a verizon FIOS high speed connection.

it is working now, thank you