Tailscale Issues on Slate Plus (GL-A1300)

I am able to setup tailscale but cannot reach any devices on my tailscale network.

From A1300:

  • From terminal, I cannot ping anything on my tailscale network.
  • If I ssh to A1300, I CAN ping my tailscale network

Outside Network:

  • I can ping the A1300

It seems like there are routing/firewall issues. Since tailscale is normally very good without needing holes, I am confused. Anyone one else experience this? Any ways to get it working?

See this thread for more details/discussion, there’s a ‘known good’ workaround:

I ended up building a Tailscale CT container in Proxmox and running it seperate to the router.

… but hardcoding the script was working as expected per your report, yeah?

Also, something for you to follow: