Tailscale latest version

Tailscale on the Brume2 is still running version 1.32, the current version of Tailscale is 1.50.
When can we expect to get an update.


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Yes, we’re scheduling an update.
Some work has already been done to make “ip rule” compatible with upstream tailscale.


Is there any upgrade plan for ZeroTier as well? The current Latest Version is already 1.12

Do you want to experience the latest version of zerotier or do you have any needs to update to the latest version?

Any news about upgrading Tailscale to the latest version 1.54 (for this moment)?

This was commented on another thread I started, if you would like to try and update Tailscale manually.

I have GL-A1300 Slate Plus on 4.5 beta, OpenWRT 21

root@GL-A1300:/tmp# tailscaled
/usr/sbin/tailscaled: line 1: syntax error: unexpected "|"
root@GL-A1300:/tmp# tailscale
/usr/sbin/tailscale: line 1: syntax error: unexpected word (expecting ")")

I think for me is impossible to manual tail scale update. I must take .ipk for my platform
is too old

and GL-I developers compiled later version 1.32 and include it into firmware.

The most recent version only for OpenWRT 23.05 and packages isn’t compatible with my OpenWRT 21

Upgrading tailscaled on root from 1.32.3-1 to 1.50.0-1...
Error relocating /usr/sbin/tailscaled: __nanosleep_time64: symbol not found

For GL-A1300, the arch becomes arm, try command:

cd /tmp; curl -f -L https://pkgs.tailscale.com/stable/tailscale_1.54.0_arm.tgz -o tailscale_1.54.0_arm.tgz
tar -zxvf tailscale_1.54.0_arm.tgz
mv tailscale_1.54.0_arm/tailscale* /usr/sbin/
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Thank You! It’s ok!
But any date for upgrade OpenWRT to 23.05?

Our new model MT6000 is OpenWrt 23.05 already, other model upgrades will follow next year.

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There is between 10 to 30% increase in performance improvement.

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