Tailscale not available after firmware upgrade to v4.3.17 on mt1300

I upgraded the firmware to v4.3.17 on gl-mt1300
Now i am unable to access tailscale in the applications menu

However, when i go to applications, plug-ins and refresh the list
i can see tailscale

How do i get access to tailscale?

From which version did you upgrade?
With or without keeping settings?

I donot remember, from which version. I assume it was, whatever the latest version.
I saved the settings before upgrade and then used luci to restore the settings.

Not sure, why tailscale is actually installed but not show up on the web interface

Latest 3.x or latest 4.x version?
If it was 3.x (interface looked slightly different) you can't keep settings - which might cause those issues.

It was 4.x version
For some reason, it is working now....i can see tailscale in the menu

Maybe some browser caching issue.