Tailscale on GL-AXT1800 - Connect all clients to Exit Node

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone has ever configured a GL-AXT1800 to connect to a Tailscale network and subsequently route all clients under the GL-AXT1800 to an Exit Node.

It’d be awesome if Tailscale was somehow supported in the official GUI where we’d be able to have a nice interface to configure it as well as the kill switch options.



I already open a thread for tailscale, here.
Unfortunately, I had no success running tailscale for now.
Did you manage to have a basic tailscale install working?

I noticed there were other Tailscale-related threads but I didn’t see anyone wanting to run their clients via a remote exit node.

I haven’t yet received my GL INET router (arriving next Tuesday) but I was under the impression, with it being packaged and all, that using Tailscale (without the exit node option I’m enquiring about) would be straightforward. Clearly after reading you post, it is not.

If I do get into trouble I’ll probably take a similar approach to yours, by creating a wireguard server and running it through there, but like you mentioned, I’d REALLY love if I didn’t had to mess around with port forwarding and the typical stuff that goes into maintaining a VPN architecture. That’s the beauty of Tailscale and why I thought it would be such a great addition to the travel router.