Tailscale on GL-MT3000 issues after upgrade

I am using my router to route traffic through a Tailscale exit node. I recently updated my MT3000 to firmware 4.5.16. I also updated Tailscale to 1.66.4 via this script.

Before I did this, I was using the DNS method described here. Since the upgrades, I've found that that no longer works. Actually, even if I set DNS to automatic, none of the devices connected to the MT3000 get internet access. The only thing that works right now is setting the DNS manually to any well-known provider.

Is there a way I can get back the previous functionality without downgrading? Not sure if it's related to this post, but I am on version 1.66.4 which that post says is working.


I also had some other issues tunneling to a VPN on machines connected to the MT3000, as well as many issues with Microsoft single-sign-on services. I downgraded Tailscale on the MT3000 to 1.58.2, which solved those issues. I still need to manually set a public DNS server, but at least I can access all services.

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This issue (I am not sure if it is a issue/problem) probably required to capture the data package by the Wireshark, to see if the detail info of the DNS (port 53) service from server to client, or vice versa, but I could not reproduce this situation.