Tailscale removal after deactivation

Posting this as I had many issues with 4.2 after activating and deactivating Tailscale and wanted to share.

Basically, disabling the service after a first activation is not enough and upon reboot Tailscale will consistently try to do some stuff and freeze my beloved Flint. Killing the Tailscale process made the router responsive again immediately. I already run Adguard and wireguard so have no memory to spare.
I suggest if you do not use Tailscale and activated it even once, to remove the related packages from luci and not just disable the service.
You can also remove the gl-sdk one to remove the option “Tailscale” in the glinet gui.

I did the same for zerotier (no issue there, but also I do not use it) The Flint survives reboots and is speedy again.

I would suggest to glinet devs to set up packages so that deactivation of a function on glinet gui actually removes the related packages before next shutdown. There could be even a general toggle for this behaviour. This would give us an option to keep the system tidy.

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Was there a custom configuration before reboot?

Not sure what you mean about custom configuration. I activated Tailscale from the Gl UI and then deactivated it, but did not set up any Tailscale configuration, just hit the button on and then off.