indeed that would be nice, but there is the authentication process that would complicate that

On my FLINT device with firmware 4.1 - I installed TailScale via UCI and used TAILSCALE UP. IF I now look at the router in UCI (i.e.TAILSCALE STATUS - all my tailscale devices and their tailscale Ip addresses show up including the FLINT. If I go to my Android phone on mobile and hit TailScale - I see all my devices including FLINT…but on my phone browser - same conditions it can see my Node-Red interface on my Raspberry Pi (for remote access obviously) (xx.xx.xx.xx:1880/ui) but if I point the browser to the Tailscale IP address of FLINT with port left blank i.e. port 80 - I get nothing - surely I should get the GL-iNET front panel…??

Hi, Has anybody managed to install tailscale on a Mango router, and managed to use an exit node? I am unable to. I managed toinstall it, but not using an exit node. Instructions would be appreciated