openwrt now offers tailscale in its repositories and i have installed it on my home router. can we get it for gl.inet devices please? i am happy with a manual installation but a gui based installation is always a treat!.
i have seen a tutorial online for doing this on a mango but i failed on my GL-AR300M Series / Shadow and my gl-mifi. anybody had any success ? how?

I have now got it working on my GL-AR300M Series / Shadow - once i corrected my mistake of using the arm instead of the mips branch! but i continue to fail in my gl-mifi! grateful for any help!

Don’t have experience in Tailscale. Is it modified wireguard?


started reading about it. I was wondering if tailscale for openwrt is a client connecting to google&microsoft tailscale accounts or stand alone client and server all in one.

@alzhao It is indeed based on wireguard but it creates a flexable network with selectable end points. it is realy simple and really good! vpn for dummies! and changeable on the fly.
@viajeros yes thankyou! that is what i used to setup the shadow but no joy on my mifi complains of no space so i have tried an sd card and mounted it as an overlay but no joy.

you setup an account, that account is verified by Microsoft login or google login or by email verification. your space on their server creates the routs, out going coms so no port forwarding needed.