Talkmobile sim fail

I have a Talkmobile sim that sometimes connects, but fall out after one day. Can anyone help?

Make sure you update to the latest modem firmware as well as the latest router firmware. Then test. If if still doesn’t work, come back and tell us more detail about the router you are using. Your question is way too open ended for anyone to really help you. There have been many improvements to the firmwares and just a simple update could be all you need. Also, what do you have for TTL settings? Are you using 4G/5G? How close to the towers are you? What kind of signal strength do you get? I could keep going but seriously, eliminate the unknown and make sure you are running the latest firmwares.

Thanks for getting back.
I am new at this :slight_smile:
I have an x3000 5G-NR with the up to date firmware.
Excellent signal strength
The TTL states optional and the APN is sometimes correct with Vodafone or Talkmobile (which works on the Vodafone network).
Or the PN is incorrect, stating Lerara Mobile
The admin panel is stating sim not register, but occasionally it works.
Is there a profile that can be sent to me?

If you run the following AT command, what does it show? AT+QGMR

Mine shows: RM520NGLAAR03A03M4G_01.201.01.201

You may also want to try this solution: GL-X3000 with data only T-Mobile SIM not registering - #4 by ywp

It sounds like it could also be an IMEI issue. Are you using the default IMEI # of the router? Is there a way to test the SIM card in a phone?

The AT command gives a similar result as yours.
I have tried setting a imei s an original Samsung but the command AT+EGMR=1,7,”new” gives back error
I’ll have a look at the link you have sent

Best wishes