TCP-Only VPN - Which GL-iNet is best?

I am looking for a router that can connect to NordVPN through TCP and provides the best trade-off between portability and throughput.

I must use TCP VPN (and thus no Wireguard) because the country I am in blocks all UDP traffic unfortunately. I would connect either by ethernet when at home & Airbnb and by Extender mode at hotels & cafes.

I already have a bigger ASUS AX-3000 router that does the job and connects to TCP with ~30Mbps throughput, but am looking for something more lightweight and portable for my travel. Ideally, just charging it by USB-C to my laptop and not too many cables/not too large to carry around.

I have seen both the Opal and Creta could be appropriate and would appreciate any additional advice!

Both of those choices could work, but they are slightly older devices. While they would work, a newer choice such as the Slate Plus, Slate AX, or Beryl AX would have more features and be supported for longer. The Creta is already discontinued, so if you choose to go with one of those two, go for the Opal.

The Mango and Shadow are even smaller routers, but they are limited to 2.4Ghz only and have Micro-USB rather than USB-C. If small and lightweight is the chief consideration, they can’t be beat.

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Yay! I ended up going with the Beryl AX. Seems to work fine with NordVPN so far.

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That’s what I have, and it’s been great for me.

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