TCP UDP Port Forwarding with Cirrus LTE Modem

Hi everyone. Thank you for your help.

How can I enable TCP UDP port forwarding on the LTE modem of Cirrus model GL-AP1300LTE? I do not use the WAN and settings only allows me to specify the WAN option for port forwarding under Admin Panel > Firewall > Port Forwards > External Zone. The settings do not have an LTE modem option for the External Zone.

I thought about using the AT Command to open a TCP UDP Socket Service on the Quectel EC25 modem, but will that open the port to the LAN also? Thank you.

port forward in the WAN, means the WAN zone in firewall, which includes LTE modem connections.

WAN in firewall <==> cable wan, repeater, modem, tethering

Thank you. How do I set the WAN to use the VPN public IP instead of the LTE modem IP?

You can try in luci->network->firewall and add your vpn interface in the wan zone.

Thank you for telling me about Luci – I have never used OpenWRT, so I appreciate your help.

I successfully added the OVPN to the WAN Zone. How do I specify that the OVPN IP is used for port forwarding the gateway instead of the MODEM IP?