Technical questions on AXT1800

I am planning to get AXT1800. Have few questions before I buy it.

  1. Can I access the USB hard disk attached to AXT1800 from laptop windows explorer, just like NetGear ReadyShare?

  2. Can I backup photos and videos on iphone to AXT1800 wirelessly, like Rav FileHub?

  3. Can I play videos on the hard disk attached to AXT1800 from Ipad vlc app while traveling?

If AXT1800 can’t support, is there any GLiNet router that can support these?


The GL-AXT1800 Slate AX (and I think all GL.iNet routers) have Samba for sharing USB drives and microSD cards (on some routers).

You can access a USB hard drive directly in Windows Explorer with no additional software vs. having to install Netgear ReadyShare software (but that also provides http and ftp access). You can also backup photos and videos from iPhone (I do not have iPhone, but it works with my iPad).

You can stream videos and music on a USB drive over DLNA via VLC or other DLNA-compliant iOS app.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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  1. Yes. Please use Network Storage feature.
  2. Yes. You can use our App or SMB/WebDAV share.
  3. Yes. VLC support DLNA and Samba.
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  1. not exactly like ReadyShare, readyshare is using FTP protocol, Slate AX is using Samba and WebDav.
  2. Yes, you can backup photos and videos via GL.iNet App with firmware 4.1
  3. Yes, you can use vlc or any other media player for stream play while traveling, even use our App to play.