Terrible Internet connection on Flint AX1800

I used the router and its memory reached 99%
Then suddenly it turned off Wifi, no Internet via LAN too. I unplugged the charger, the Wifi was enable, but there was still no Internet, I had to reboot the router 2 times until it works again. After it worked, all the policies in the VPN policy deleted @@
I really did not know what really happened
Some logs

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Did you turn on AdguardHome and Wireguard?

Wireguard may have a problem causing crash. Adguardhome takes a lot of storage and may cause memory leaks.

We have fixed Wireguard problem and will release firmware asap.

For adguardhome we are still checking the problem.

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I turned on both. The router only worked for 1 day and it stopped, no wifi, no internet via LAN. I unplugged or rebooted the router, nothing helped until I factory reset it.