Tether to mini smart router gl-mt300n-v2 to wired computer

I want to tether hot spot my iphone se to my ethernet only computer. The idea was to wirelessly or usb connect to the mini router and then use the lan port to my ethernet on computer. I am tethered but don’t have any internet connection.

Help or suggestions please. I have also tried to connect by wif to a samsung phone from the min router. Connection happens just great, but no internet…

I use a usb to ethernet adapter and tether direct with ethernet tethering on andriod i think this started with andriod 10 os. I am currently running into speed issues with usb tether to beryl myself

Can you give more details? Firmware version? Screenshot?

Update. the problem was with the phone. data cap had been reached. when i used my tablet the numbers went way up.

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