Tethering issue (again) iOS 14.2.1 iPhone 12 on MT300N-V2

Tethering is not working on iOS 14.2.1 even on the latest firmware update.

Apple recently released an iOS update that it specific for the iPhone 12, mini, Pro and Pro Max.

The latest release for other models is iOS 14.2.

Unfortunately 14.2.1 has stopped the recently fixed tethering function on the MT300n-V2.

I have tested this with the following latest firmware builds :




I have tested this with an iPhone X and an iPhone SE, both running iOS 14.2. Tethering works as expected.

However, on an iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 14.2.1 tethering does not work.

Are the developers aware of this issue?

iOS 14.3 is due for release any time now. I would suggest people hold off installing this until it is confirmed that tethering is supported on the latest firmware.

@simonli can you pls check if iphone 12 works

Yes, will take a test tomorrow morning.


I have just installed iOS 14.3 and can confirm that tethering has now been restored.

It seems iOS 14.2.1 on the iPhone 12 kills the tethering function.

Device: iPhone 12 Pro
iOS version: 14.3
Firmware: openwrt-mt300n-v2-3.105.bin

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