Tethering issues iPhone 13 max pro iOS 15

ar300m16 Will not tether with iPhone 13 on iOS 15
Connection error on web gui. It’s running up to date firmware.
It works fine with iPhone 12 on iOS14.8. Ru
Any suggestions appreciated

I don’t have iphone 13, but the ways to work with tethering if there is a problem in old phone models is like:

  1. Set up tethering normally (enable hotspot on phone, connect phone to router, click trust this computer, click connect eth1 sometimes eth2 on the router)
  2. If not getting IP, turn off hotspot on your phone, wait 5 seconds, then turn it on
  3. If the above does not work, do step 1 and 2 again

Does firmware 3.203 officially support tethering on iOS 15 yet?

Thank you.

Just tested IOS 15 on iPhone 12, tethering to MT1300 with 3.203, works without problem.

Just updated to iOS 15.0.2 and now the issue is fixed
Tethering fully restored and working AR300M16

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My tethering on IOS 15 works great for many applications except for some streaming issues for online streaming like Netflix and Disney+. If I use another iPhone on IOS 14, I have no problem tethering and streaming those applications through my Roku. I am on update 3.211.

Is there any special settings to make on the iPhone 13 or the travel router to get the fastest speed through the travel routers? Is there any of the travel routers that give a faster speed approaching what the iPhone is connecting with?