Tethering not working

Just purchased ne router AR300M. Trying to set this up. It works fine with my LAN, modem etc. It does not work as a mobile modem with my SAMSUNG Note-8. When I plugin the USB cable the phone recognizes the router as charging device. I remember there used to be an option to enable USB tethering, but it looks like after some upgrades it is gone.
A;sp when I plugin the usb between the phone and the router I do not see the router page update to the phone connection.
How would I setup the two devices to communicate ?

Do you not have a USB tethering option in the phone settings - Portable hotspot

I only see an option for WiFi hotspot, no option for USB cable I am suprised because Samsung phones used to have both. Perhaps it is hidden somewhere in the settings but I cannot find it.

Does your Samsung Note8 have the settings as in this link:

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OK, finally I got this working.
I had to tweak some settings on the phone.
Thank you for your timely replies.