Tethering of android phone

I tend to use the tethering mode off my OnePlus Android phone all the time, I discovered a bug and I'm wondering if anyone has a solution for this.

By design once the phone reaches 100%, it disconnects the USBc port which then disconnects from the router which then disables the USB tethering option.

Is there a way to not charge the phone once connected to this router and only allow tethering to work?

I tried to play with the phone in the developer mode turned on I'm playing around with the USB setting but nothing seems to work. Any feedback is much appreciated.


Afaik there is no way, no.

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You could tape over the 5v pin on the usb cable - I have a friend who had to do this for his 3d printer, I can't see why it wouldnt work for this too.

There are also little devices "USB Power Blocker" but it's the same effect as the tape which is a free hack.

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Just tried the tape and the phone usb tethering option won't light up to enable it. I guess it needs the 5v