"The client is starting, please wait..." every time I try to connect to Wireguard

What is WAN status of ISP router? How do I check it?
I simply set up port forward and it worked fro 3 weeks straight only now it keeps disconnecting. But I will email everything however please guide me on how to check WAN status of ISP router?

Also what if I don’t port forward, Instead I use Tailscale - i believe I can use my home ISP IP address from anywhere in the world using tailscale and wireguard. I think I read it somewhere that is possible but I have no idea how to set it up

Check your isp router’s admin panel and check the internet status.

Tailscale itself is protocol based on wireguard. Don’t use it together with wireguard

Maybe one day we can get a failover feature that allows one to failover to the other :wink:

If you want to use Tailscale as the server, I’d recommend using a Raspberry Pi. You cannot use a GL.iNet as a Tailscale exit node unless you manually enable it which is not officially supported. Read this: The Wired Nomad - VPN

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