The EM7455 modem is not detected correctly

The 4G modem EM7455 does not work, it is incorrectly identified (as MC7430) and does not function. How to fix it?

Router MT1300 Beryl
Firmware 3.203-0722

EM7455 should be identical to MC7455?
Does it recognize any ttyUSB port or qmi?

You can check this post and to see if you can modify the model?

There is a package usb-modeswtich controlling model settings

root@GL-MT1300:~# opkg files usb-modeswitch
Package usb-modeswitch (2017-12-19-f40f84c2-2) is installed on root and has the following files:

In /etc/usb-mode.json there are info about various modems.

For usb device, it has vendor ID and product ID. Can you find the vendor ID and product ID of your EM7455? I think you can find using lsusb

You can find Sierra modem usb identifier here USB\VID_1199 - Sierra Wireless, Inc. | Device Hunt

Maybe something can be done to modify these identifiers. But I don’t know how.