The goodcloud connection to the router is out of older

the goodcloud connection to the router is out of older
for all the routers

Sorry guys, after upgrade, goodcloud has many problems. We are fixing one by one. Pls describe your issue as detailed as possible and that will be a great help.

If you don’t want to disclose your private info, e.g., account, device mac etc. pls use email to support at

Hi @Leo I am only able to see the status (online or offline) of my devices, but all the other functionalities do not work.
For example:
a) Site-to-Site VPN do not work: apparently, any of my devices is able to take the role of main node, even if I am sure that, at least, two of them could take such role as it was in the past. This issue appeared in a intermittent way since October 6th, but now the issue is permanent.
b) None of my devices show the connected clients using the web page with laptop browsers, while just some of them (the ones with public IP) show the connected clients with the iPhone App, but the devices with private IP (because connected to internet with 4G/LTE) shows always the alarm “device response timeout”…
c) All the other functionalities show the alarm “device response timeout” with both the web page with laptop internet browsers (Edge and Chrome) and with the iPhone App.

Hi @santi.calderone , sorry for any inconvenience caused, we’re still fixing these bugs as soon as we can.

Tanks @Leo!
Actually, one of the main reason I have recently purchased just GL-inet routers (including a pre-order for Flint 2 that I am waiting for delivery …) is the capability to enable a centralized remote control and Site-to-Site VPN.
Therefore I really hope that you will fix these bugs ASAP.

Same error here, i use the goodcloud for s2s vpn and cant manage anymore.

Get timeout errors. All Devices are online.
Please fix it fast.

The Error is wrong, its working before i edit it.

Here another Error, if i test it with more then 2 Devices.

Same issue here :frowning: … This appeared a couple of weeks ago in a intermittent way, but now it is a permanent issue, and it does not matter if I test with two or more devices, the Site-to-Site feature does not work at all anymore.

Sometimes i get also:

error occurred in message handler [bean ‘mqttOutbound’; defined in: ‘class path resource [com/glinet/device/api/config/MqttConfig.class]’; from source: ‘com.glinet.device.api.config.MqttConfig.mqttOutbound()’]; nested exception is org.springframework.messaging.MessagingException: Failed to connect; nested exception is Unable to connect to server (32103) - Connection refused (Connection refused); nested exception is org.springframework.messaging.MessagingException: Failed to connect; nested exception is java.lang.Throwable

For short it works with the old Connection Timeout Error…

Now i get: 500: Connection refused (Connection refused)

I think they work on it.

#edit: 26.10.2013 14:52

Error: Fail to set Main Node of Site to Site.

@kkbig Please try again.

Hi @Leo , the Site-to-Site VPN is apparently somehow working again, but I still have some issues:

  1. The search for the Nodes usable as main does not allow to select one of the two that, in the past where usable (with public IP and required por opened). Only the B1300 running 3.216 is automatically selected as main node, while the other router AX1800 running 4.4.6 is not found as candidate for Main Node, but is acquired as secondary node of the Site-to-Site VPN.
  2. I have a router AR750 running the release 4.3.6 that shows twice terror “the WAN IP of the first device is conflicted with the LAN IP of the second device” in the role of “second device” vs two other nodes (correctly acquired in the Site-to-Site VPN) in the role of “first device”. Such AR750 does not populate the field LAN IP in the Site-to-Site VPN page, but it is correctly visualized (including LAN IP) in the device page. I also have another AR750 running the release 3.216 that works correctly in the Site-to-Site VPN. In the past all my router were usable in the Site-to-Site VPN without any issue despite of the different release.
  3. I am not able to add other sub net for each Node of the Site-Site VPN because when i try to Save&Apply the following errors are shown:
    x Server Error
    x code: -1001, msg: server error.

Are you still working to fix the general issues of the last days, or are they just my specific issues?

Could you please fix them?

Hi @Leo any news about fixing the issues for Site-to-Site VPN?
It was apparently working for few minutes this morning, but with several problems, but unfortunately it is not working at all again with the error “Fail to set Main Node of Site to Site.”.
Are you still working on this issue?
When it could work as it was in the past?

Could you please PM me your GoodCloud username? Sorry for the inconvenience caused.