The port number still shown 5053 at Adguardhome Gl-mt1300

After I setup the adguard home at Gl-Mt1300, it shown how to setup the dns address at other devices, eg. Android phone and router. Unfortunately the dns address adress still has port number: 5053 by default, I want to to change it back to port number 53 for the client devices to connect because the client device only can type dns server number cannot include with port number. Can someone help me fix it?

You don’t need to configure ports on clients, just use the default setup.

The router will resolve through AdGuard automatically after it’s enabled.

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Client devices should set DNS to the IP address of the router itself. The router’s dnsmasq listens on port 53 and forwards DNS requests to AdGuardHome listening on port 5053.

A procedure does exist to bypass dnsmasq and send DNS requests directly to AdGuardHome on port 53.

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