The same IP on wifi and LAN on GL-AXT1800

I have an issue with my newly purchased GL-AXT1800 router, which is replacing my GL-AR750 that didn’t give me the problem I’m about to describe.

The router sees the same IP address for both my computer’s LAN and WiFi connections, and it doesn’t recognize the LAN network card’s IP. Both IPs are statically set, as can be seen from the Linux ifconfig screenshot.

Static LAN IP:
Static WiFi IP:

When I use the computer, downloads utilize the LAN while uploads use the WiFi. I need to differentiate between the two networks with two distinct IPs. As I mentioned, the same setup worked perfectly with my GL-AR750 router, but this issue arises when I switch to the GL-AXT1800. (Note that the MAC address for the LAN is correctly identified by the router, but it still assigns it the same IP as the WiFi card.)

ifconfig screenshot

May I ask why you want to use your PC as a bridge? Just want to understand the use-case.

I connect remotely to this machine via x2g0. I would like to connect via LAN for better performance but still keep the WiFi network active. Until yesterday, I was doing this without any issues with the GL-AR750.

Is this not now known as multiwan on firmware 4x? Failing that you can activate the guest wifi and connect to that as it uses a different pool.

Hi Shivadow, I don’t think multiwan has anything to do with my issue. I could possibly activate the guest line, but I don’t want to resolve the problem in that manner. Up until a few hours ago, everything was working perfectly with the GL-AR750. I’m hoping for a “clean” solution without shortcuts.

Can you not set static ip’s for the connections

And routes - because you need to define your default gateway somehow.
All in all, I would say it’s not recommended to do use multi path on LAN and Wifi in a normal home use.