The unofficial list of supported 4G LTE dongles with GL-MT3000

Hi community,
I´ve been trying to find a list of 4G USB dongles that would work with GL-MT3000.

I invite everyone in the community to add the models and brands that you have tested so others can also benefit :wink:

Thanks a lot for your recommendations!


Are there some that don’t work? That’s probably an easier list to compile.

E353 huawei works. But you have to configured it every single time to use 3G mode.

My personal suggestion, get a usb stick that has a Hotspot built in. You can have wifi in the car or just stick it into a powerbank. Aliexpress is your best friend. However do note that most of these sticks max out around 5-10 mbps.

If you insist, then use the mt3000 to entend the wifi.

Ensure it is plug and play with win 11. Sometimes you just need a fast(er) connection, the usb stick becomes a modem.

The huawei is very expensive but not sure if the performance is good.

Huawei e3372h-320 works via tethering (but check the supported bands)

I also used succesfully a quectel eg25-g placed in an external USB enclosure plugged into mt3000, though only after some technical support from glinet to update the modem firmware

You can probably also put quectel ep06 and em060k modem into an enclosure and plug into mt3000 since they are used in glinet routers

Is the Huawei the only usb modem that works?
I have problems to find one and i received the e3372-325 which has huge problems and no firmware update…

i was hoping to find something plug and play for europe