There is a list of working VPN?

Hi, is available a list of working VPN on 6416 firmware 2.264 OpenVPN client?

Is possible to add wireguard client to 2.264 firmware?

Cheers Raphael

Can you just use v2.27 which you can config wireguard manually.

Thanks a lot alzhao, where I can find firmware 2.27 for 6416?

Do yo knows if windscribe works on OpenVPN client of 6416, I have some problems with VPNSecure.

Cheers Raphael_

Wireguard docs for v2.27 WireGuard - GL.iNet Docs


Sorry for the inconvenience. We didn’t maintain 6416 since v2.264, so there hasn’t 2.27 firmware for it. If you want to use WireGuard, you can download from OpenWRT, but it isn’t our official firmware.

Thanks a lot alzhao and kyson-lok, I have to find a way for use OpenVPN client UI with ovpn files of VPNSecure or Windscribe. What have I to ask for the technical service of VPN provider for making a working ovpn file with the UI.

Cheers Raphael