There is no VPN menu via WEB interface

I’ve bought a brand new GL.iNet GL-MT3000 on Chinese site and when I open web interface I realised that VPN menu is hidden. I see “CN” letters from the top left side and looks like Chinese version doesn’t allow user to have access to VPN. Could somebody help me to unhide VPN menu due to is it the only one reason I have bought the router. Thanks for any advice!


Since you bought this device recently, I have to inform you that it’s not possible to convert it into some “non CN” device.

Read here for more information:

Thanks for the reply. Do you mean that it is sort of hardware restriction?

Yes and no.

It is a chip (or a partition on the device) that carries the information about the country version.
Is there any way to hack it? Surely, after all it is an electronic device.
In the worst case, you could remove the chip and solder in another one. :sunglasses:

In short: no chance. :smile:

I’ve got you, thanks.
I vote for the worst case :grinning:
Do you know which chip should be replaced or might be you know who knows? I will appreciate any helpful info.
Thanks a lot

It was more a joke. I don’t even know if it’s possible.
In my humble opinion you can only return the device … or sell it to somebody else.

Ok, understood :slightly_smiling_face:

There seems to be a OpenWrt stock image available:

Not sure if it will work (and of course at your own risk!) and there will be no GL GUI, but at least you could use the device then. As long as you are familiar with OpenWrt or linux in general.

But any other help regarding this topic is behind the scope of the forum.

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Good advice, thanks. I more or less familiar :slightly_smiling_face:

See @admon 's link. If you can prove you’re in a non CPC region, GL will send you a link for the full edition of the firmware. Dig up your receipt & email them.

Thanks for the reply and for the idea, sure I can prove it

You have to prove that you bought it from non CPC stores (or before the statement was added to the shops)

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Humm… well spotted. Good thing the worst case scenario is just a opkg install away. Thanks, Van Tech Corner.