Time Based Parental Controls

Is there any way to have a time based internet restriction on a GL-MT1300

Specifically I would like the router to not allow outgoing traffic for a few devices if after a particular time of day and then to re-enable access at another time of day automatically on a schedule.


actually i may have answered my own question. it seems that this might be an easy way to to do what I am looking for [OpenWrt Wiki] Parental controls

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We are developing the parental control on our router.

Hey GLiNet,
Any update on rolling out parental controls?

It is available already.

Hi alzhao,
I have a Mango (GL-MT300N V2) and did a local upgrade, but the most current FW is 4.3.7, not the 4.5.0 you show in the screenshot.
In System → Scheduled Tasks, there is a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Status Schedule, which seems like a more basic version of the parental control you show above.
Do you know if/when the more advanced parental controls will come to the Mango?