Time Zone Error

I am having trouble with the Time Zone sync on a Filnt with 4.1.0 firmware.

My time zone is UTC-4:00, but when I do the sync the Admin Panel displays my city with UTC-3:00 instead. It is off by one hour.

Might you know why my city is being listed as UTC-3:00 instead of UTC-4:00 which it actually is?

Where is your city? Can you run the following command in the console of your browser to get the time zone information?
Use Ctrl + Shift + I open Dev Tools and select Console, then run

new Date().getTimezoneOffset() / -60

Pasting that code into the console and pressung Run returns a value of -4.

Put separate


Region/City will appear

new Date().getTimezoneOffset() / -60

Time Zone will appear
-4 is all right for you.

Hi. The first command correctly shows my city. The second correctly shows my correct time zone. But the Flint Admin Panel shows an offset of -3 instead of -4

Please let me know the name of the city, we need to reproduce the problem, thank you.
If you are concerned about privacy issues, you can send it by message.

Hi. Sorry, but I don’t see where I can direct message you. I’m new to this forum.

Can you send me a link to direct message you?

The city probably is São Paulo, I have the same problem. A workaround that I found is to set as Buenos Aires. The UTC is the same, but with Buenos Aires the time is correct

We have located the problem and are working on a solution.
Some cites that have used DST maybe see the issues. Because the time database hasn’t been updated.

Hi. Any news about this problem?

The code has been fixed, but this part of the code may not be included in this release of 4.2.
The stable version 4.2 firmware is already in final testing. If it passes, this issue will be fixed in the next release.

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The latest beta firmware should have fixed this issue.

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Same problem with Bogota, Guayaquil and Lima. I solved using LuCI.

I’m seeing the same on my Slate AX with the firmware updated. I’m in Asia/Ho Chi Min, but it keeps saying: The time zone of the router is different from that of your browser.

My browser reports: “Asia/Saigon” = $2