Time zone

I recently bought a flint 2 router and I have had a problem with slow and spotty Internet. I put in a return where I bought it and then went back to my old router. I wanted to try and see if maybe I set it up wrong or something one last time before I returned it. I found that when I reset it (I didn’t touch the settings before logging into the wifi) and later joined a discord call my ping was at 50, I went to change the timezone from UTC to cst and my ping in the call went to 5000. I put it back to UTC and it went back to 50. Moved the timezone to anywhere else in the US and it went back to 5000. Does anyone know what is causing this?

In which country are you? Maybe the “ping” software uses the timezone to detect the nearest server.

No. When you ping your dns servers resolve for you the nearest IP to your country based on your public IP - not the time zone.


i am in the US, i was more so using the discord as a frame of reference as i have found no other way of having a metric to show that it is having issues other then people seeing me lose connection for a while. i have tried using the actual feature to resolve issues and tried pinging different dns and nothing showed up as wrong. i know this is weird, but if i change my time zone my internet takes a crap and refuses to cooperate for hours. Also the person i was calling was in the us so this isnt a international call or anything.

Additionally if it has one of these spotty times I can’t access the web portal on my router.