Timeout when trying to connect to OpenVPN

I have a GL-MT300N-V2 and I set up an OpenVPN server.
I started it and I exported the configuration file. It is green, so it seems started.

Next, I downloaded OpenVPN on my Mac and open the configuration file.
I did the same on an Android phone.

I tried to add and connect with the configuration file but it looks like is giving a timeout trying to connect as in the screenshot.
It’s timing out also in the android phone.
When I try to connect, my mac is connected to my home wifi or 4g, not to GL.inet.

I can ping what it seems to be the openServer IP from my MAC.
I tried to look in the router log, but I didn’t see anything interesting…

Any suggestion about how to troubleshoot this, welcome

can I know where the mini router is placed? It is behind your home network, right?

In that case you should set up port forward on your main router.