Tiny Hardware Firewall (Yi Sun-Shin)

Is this your product?
It looks very alike the AR150 router.

Yeah it has to be either an AR150 or one of the MT300 models. I doubt its GL-Inet themselves who are behind that store however. My guess is some company is re-selling GL-Inet routers. Although I’m not 100% Certain .

The one in most of their pictures is the TP-Link 703n if I remember the model number correctly. One customer posted what looks like a GLi 6416 and their new 2016 model mentioned in the specs and on the buy page is an AR150.

Anyone know what the third picture is on the buy page? The look like USB routers leaning against a film roll. I’d love to know what they are.

the little usb device is called zsun wifi card reader here you can read more about it


Thanks Rene. That is pretty awesome.