TIP OpenWifi support for GL-B1300

Hello all

I have a couple of GL-B1300 in a mesh running the version 3.1 firmware based on QSDK.

I want to add them to my new wireless mesh network based on OpenWifi.
Please can you guide me on how to build TIP OpenWifi firmware for these units?



OpenWiFi is just some open source drivers.

As B1300 is supported in OpenWrt directly, OpenWiFi does not have special works for it.

Thanks for the response @alzhao

When I tried to follow the instructions on the TIP OpenWifi wlan_ap Github, I cannot find the hardware profile for the GL B-1300.

$./scripts/gen_config.py glinet_gl-b1300
bash: ./scripts/gen_config.py: No such file or directory

$ ./scripts/gen_config.py list | grep glinet

I believe there should be a corresponding file for the B1300 here: wlan-ap/profiles at main · Telecominfraproject/wlan-ap · GitHub

The AX1800 and AXT1800 are represented there.

Openwifi did some work specifically for wifi 6 devices, which is not yet supported in openwrt. B1300 is not in their scope.

As I said, openvpn snapshot works well with this model so pls use that.

I agree that OpenWrt snapshot works well with the B1300, but I want to test some TIP OpenWifi-specific functionality on my B1300s.

There are other pre-Wifi 6 devices supported by OpenWifi, many based on the same ipq40xx like the Linksys EA8300 and the TP-Link EC420.

I think just the profile yml file is all that is needed to make it possible to compile for the B1300.

Will the following work?

profile: glinet_gl-b1300
target: ipq40xx
subtarget: generic
description: Build image for the GL.iNet B1300
image: bin/targets/ipq40xx/generic/openwrt-ipq40xx-generic-glinet_gl-b1300-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
  - ucentral-ap
  - wifi-ath10k

You could try but I am not sure. Usually you need to choose the correct flash layout, e.g. uboot size, radio data location and size and some other nvram. You should check if you can find these info, not only the yml file.

This exactly is why I asked this question.

I think the OpenWifi hardware profile in the yml file just wraps around whatever is already defined in OpenWrt upstream for the specific device. The yml file just specific feeds, packages, and such for the OpenWrt supported devices.

I will appreciate guidance on what is required for the B1300.

Can yuou do a

Can you do a search of the codes related to these two profiles. It should be pretty obvious.

I remember it should be somewhere in these folders target/linux/ipq40xx

For example, in openwrt this file contains important info for router models target/linux/ipq40xx/image/Makefile