TMHI Gateway Faster than GL-X3000??


I recently purchased the GL-X3000 because I’m not satisfied with the TMHI Gateway as a router. The setup was pretty straight forward and I was able to get connected internet with a similar/better signal strength.

My issue is that I’m getting 1/2 the speeds when using the GL-X3000 (100mb down and 15up) vs what I was getting on the TMHI Gateway (200mb down and 30mb up).

When I run a speed test while using the GL-X3000 the speed shoots up quickly, and then seems to just hold at 100. It really feels like it wants to and can go past 100 but something is preventing it. I feel like there’s a setting either turned off or on, because I don’t feel like there’s anyway the TMHI Gateway is better in anyway. Any help and/or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Try to copy the same TTL, MTU and IMEI of the TMHI device.

All of the above are configured correctly. Its seems when I try to connect/lock to a N41 or N71 band I get an “not registered/unauthorized” error. I can connect to LTE bands with out any issue, but when connecting to 5G it’s always an error, even though I can see I have good signal strength.

I recently implemented my GL-X3000 and was having issues with the speed (I was only connecting to 4G LTE and I was right near a known upgraded 5G towers). My issue had to deal with the MODEM in the GL-X3000 needing to be upgraded.

It appears that the profiles in my modem were not adequate, and I followed (and posted about) instructions for upgrading the firmware of the modem which added more profiles, including the “commercial tmobile” one. Which worked FINE for my tablet sim setup … HOWEVER

When I wanted to use my TMHI sim I had to do more by selecting the GENERIC profile in the modem to allow the use of the fbb.home APN.

TL:DR … YMMV but you may need to upgrade your modem firmware (not the router firmware) through the SSH method, and then use some AT commands to select the generic profile (staring with the name ROW). When doing that my THMI speeds / service and quality were the same or BETTER than TMHI modem.

What modem fw were you on?

Do you have a guide on how to perform the Modem FW?

Check here: