Toggle Switch

Why not use the physical toggle button to alternate between 2 different profiles?

Then ALL configs can be changed, not only some of.

Use case scenario:

Toggle Profile_01: Using as home router

Toggle Profile_02: Use as travel router

Is kind of that the router have 2 entire different configs... I can achieve that by backup/restore configs.. Although with the button would by awsome.

Because it's highly difficult to change all settings.

It would be possible to script it, but you need to collect all the settings before and decide whether they are for "travel" or "home" usage.

It's not really easy.


Seems too complicated.

What is the different between the two profiles? For example I don't think it is necessary to have two different SSIDs for each profile.

If each profile is a totally different config, maybe using two routers is the best. I carry my personal router and want a totally personalized config. But for home router it is used for my whole family and I don't want to touch it at all once configured.

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That's the idea. But using the same router with 2 profiles would achieve this goal..

Profile 1: more static, to use at home
Profile 2: changes a lot, when traveling

Buy 2 routers is the "brute force" version of my idea, which by the way is what using so far :sweat_smile:

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