Tor censorship bypass and other missing features

Hi, Gl-inet!

Latest firmware doesn’t have critical for privacy oriented routers features,

1) Tor moats
Can you please add Moats support? Like Snowflake, Obfs4, WebTunnel?

Now Tor feature is NOT polished at all:

  • Without bridges it is detectable by ISP so can be easily shaped (low speed), blocked or flagged as suspicious
  • It is impossible to bypass Tor censorship
  • There is no Tor internal DNS support so you can’t visit .onion domains without Tor browser (Orbot for IOS and Android allows this). Yes this is not as anonymous as via dedicated browser (Tor) but if you downloading something pirated it is enough.

2. Random MAC after each reboot
Your router now traceable. Even cheap smartphone with Android or IOS support random MAC for each new WiFi connection. Yes you can change it via admin panel but this is definitely not what I need from such devices.

  1. No support for crucial security features that supported by OpenWRT: