TOR Connection issues on MUDI

Has anyone experienced connection issues when using a SIM card to connect to Tor?

I have been using this set up for a while, no issues on the same update (latest) a few weeks ago. When I boot the sim card connects TOR starts goes from 0-30% or 0-40% then disconnects from the internet and the loop continues, with perfect signal.

I have been using This set up for a while, no issues on the same update (latest)

When I boot the I reboot the device 5-6 times it will connect properly but will disconnect in a few hours and do the same thing!

Can anyone help?

Can you tell me which carrer you are using?

I use a major US carrier, it has worked fine for months. Now it is almost unusable takes 1 hour of booting and restarting it for it to connect for 30 minutes.

It is useless like this disappointed.

Ps: Add a bridges for Tor

Why do you ask my carrier is it a known issue ?

In the modem settings, can you change the mtu to 1428?

You can find mtu settings if set up manually.

How do I do that. Can you explain the steps.

Now I can usually connect on second or third restart. But the tor connection disconnects and requires me to restart . I will try your fix.

Thank you

The mtu can be set in luci

You should find the modem interface and set.