Tor Firmware 1.4 has no package Repo

Installed the Tor firmware on my MT-300A and it works perfect as expected. I would like to install extra packages but the configured repo is pointing to 1.3 and in the repo list there is no 1.4 directory.

Is there any plan to add a 1.4 or is there a way to add the 1.3 keys to the 1.4?


Was able to add the opkg key from the 2.261 firmware and remove the current repos and add the 2.261 repos. Installed fdisk, nano and bash. Works fine.

right, if you only want to install software not kernel modules, repo from other firmware works fine.

Thank you. I was able to also just comment out the sig check option. I was hoping to install the SD card drivers but they don’t seem to work, as you say they are Kernel modules.