TOR Not Working on Mudi ver.4.3.9

Mudi router wont start TOR on ver.4.3.9

I tried adjusting the MTU no change at all (im not using a custom exit node )

On wifi the same thing no fix can you make a new release where TOR is working Well on the router.

Thank you

Step1 Enable Custom Exit Nodes and Choose US for example. Connect and wait as it is slow. If you do not see any progress, move on to Step 2

Step2 send an email to to request a new obfs4 bridges…

Once you receive the new bridges, add it to the file /etc/tor/torrc as per the following guide:

Step one doesnt work let it sit for 3 hours nothing.

what changed in 4.3.9 vs 4.3.8 ? 4.3.8 or boots no issues but there are known secuirty issues on that version

For step 2 thats a bit out of my knowledge is there a way to break it down for me using the gl inet interface or do i need to upload openwrt onto the router ro do step 2 thanks Spitz

Did you enable Exit Nodes? Did you try different countries?

By the way, you should not wait that long! If it did not connect within 10 minutes, please stop the TOR.

1 - Login into the modem interface and go to APPLICATIONS → Plug-ins

2 - search for the package obfs4proxy , and install it.

3 - Now login into the modem using SSH:
ssh root@

4 - open the file with vi editor:
vi /etc/tor/torrc

5 - Add the following lines at the bottom and save the file:

ClientTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy managed                                                                                                                                                       
UseBridges 1                                                                                                                                                                                                       
bridge obfs4 FC754519F6D872F56215D1DE6B835E1845EE839B cert=rTTvjI1NpI0SGMd//Hj9kOq1hJmOVu7GoBrcU8IXxD8OrLJfmEZHb4C1Df5QeKwWBRRPdQ iat-mode=0                                                   
bridge obfs4 6CE4355D0AAE163417970E8CC1F3C2FFE0F5A2F5 cert=CIq1+LulA6MjcA66cA8cU2dHPC5VNuidKzDoAxuS6XX586VWm88cZt1FDXrGn69Qf2FWQw iat-mode=0                                                   
bridge obfs4 46E2877AEFF776CAC86669D78D01961F4E776194 cert=4GZpQH4g4bei89mml63mCNUJVBoZi56ito4HA3dWcZClJha5CjuaTdbKY9cEo/pMpqQxOg iat-mode=0

6 - Now go back to the Tor tab and enable it. You should get connected so fast this time.

If the above bridges did not help you to connect or become censored by your ISP later on, then you have to send an empty email to: WITH the subject “get transport obfs4”. Once you receive the new bridges to your email, just replace the 3 added bridges above with the fresh ones.

going to try this today and report back. i had to revert to a older firmware to use it these past weeks so im hoping after this it will work well.

I just have some questions why would the new firmware require bridges for tor to work my network doesnt block tor by default .

is this a firmware issue or a network issue on my end ?

will report back.\

side question is it possible to have tor on main network and normal internet or vpn on guest network

on older firmwares this was possible to run tor and normal internet on guest there was a switch that said ( RUN VPN ONLY ON MAIN NETWORK ) and it worked fine

so today without setting a obsf4 bridge or adding a custom exit node tor connected without a issue on the newet fireware. Its so inconsistant , I might look into an alternative every update seems to have issuses with the router and TOR connection.

can the GL team focus more on the TOR project on the travel routers that was a major selling point for many and now it lacks focus and features .

they should add bridges on the TOR page and also a way to have tor on one wifi user and vpn on another wifi user .

It’s not related to the firmware. It’s about ISPs! Once they recognize a new bridge, they block it right away!