Tor on Mango?

Hi, I own a Mango MT300N and have installed the ‘tor’ package through the glinet browser interfaces plug-ins section but can’t find any option to enable it? Some screenshots of people with similar issues have a Tor option under their VPN tab but mine just ends with the VPN policy option. Thanks

You need to install the firmware with tor to see the interface. tor installed by plug-ins can only be started using SSH.
GL.iNet download center (

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Do you know if its possible to use the router tor whilst VPN is also enabled? So it would be user >ISP>VPN>TOR This way the ISP can’t see Tor and Tor can’t see ISP if Tor routing is somehow breached.

Edit: I’ve discovered you cannot do this. You can only run VPN or Tor, you can’t have both at the same time. Which is pretty damaging to privacy; how can you be private when the ISP can detect when you’re attempting to be private? Lots of people use VPN for the purpose of hiding Tor so this incompatibility isn’t good