TOR Routers NOT Working + Leak DNS

I recently updated onto the latest firmware for my AR300Ms. My setup used to involve my main router which has now been replaced with a B1300 which connects via VPN. The AR300Ms are then flashed with TOR and connect via WiFi to the B1300. Some key points:

1# None of the AR300Ms will connect to the TOR network (latest firmware). It sticks at 25% and hangs infinitely. This used to work no problem.

2# When I connect the AR300M-TOR directly to the ISP router, it connects but it leaks DNS. I don’t really care about this setup because I will always connect it via the B1300 over VPN but it is worth mentioning. I used this to get the leak

I am only concerned about 1# can someone please chime in and let me know what has changed in the recent updates that has caused this setup to become problematic?

The Tor firmware is not updated for some time.

Just want to know if the Tor is not connected, how can you have dns leaks.

All due respect you do advertise it as a feature and it was also for me a motivating reason why I purchase these devices. I am concerned you don’t keep it up to date.

I am also having the same problem as lala. I connect my AR300M TOR Router to another router (VPN) and it does not connect. It used to work. Can you please tell how to troubleshoot. It just sticks at 25%.

I see. The Tor network sometimes connects very slow. This is something we cannot solve.

Does it stays at 25% forever? Or can you reboot and try again?

Yes as trailblazer pointed out it stays at 25% indefinitely.

It only works when you connect it directly to the internet. It is an issue with the router and not TOR.


{INTERNET} —> {AR300M VPN} —> WIFI —> {AR300M - TOR} = 25% indefinitely.

This exact setup used to work just fine.

@lala, do youself a favour and sub to a cheap VPN - expecting TOR to be up to the job is fantasy.

It’s advertised feature. it’s why i buy it.

OK, but do youself a favour and sub to a cheap VPN - expecting TOR to be up to the job is fantasy.