Tor "vanished" from 3.104 for AR750

hi guys,

I have just installed the latest test version for AR750 (3.104) and it seems that the Tor configuration option has completely disappeared from the GL gui.

is the plan moving forward is to remove Tor from the GL gui?

and if so, can anyone advise as to is it possible to configure Tor (including geo selection) from luci?

installing gl-ss-client
for shadow socks proxy installs the feature with gl-web admin capabilities. maybe tor now works the same way saving room for those to choose and select features. maybe it’s not tor but rather gl-tor and gl-tor-geoip. I don’t have it installed

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confirmed that it installs as gl-tor. note that without installing anything else I was left with
Free space: 6% ( 236.00 KB ) from the luci-software page.
kinda tight?

Yes. You cannot install more.