Torn between an LTE cirrus and Flint router

Hello all i need advice on the best route to take. I want a router capable of using a modem. I have looked at LTE cirrus with internal modem which I think will do a great job. I have also been considering the flint (future proof my network) with a modem and usb adapter like this: LTE Cat6 Module with PCI-e to Usb Adapter. I am considering using a Quectel 4G LTE Cat6 EP06-E modem or Fibocom L860-GL 4G LTE modułe cat 16 modem. My fear is the flint or the LTE cirrus may not provide enough power for either of the modems. Would appreciate all your advise. I am leaning towards the Flint as it seem to have more power and better specs. Thanks all.

What I only can say is setting up a modem manually will takes a lot of effort.

Thanks for replying. A note on the effort is taken. Do you think the LTE cirrus can handle the modems stated, in terms of power? I just love the simplicity of Gl-inet routers. I don’t mind the effort that would be required on the Flint side, just want to be sure it can provide enough power for the modem. Thanks

You mean using external modem for Flint, right?

Flint should be able to power up external modem.

As long as you use Quectel EC25, EP06 or EG25, it may be just easy.

If you need higher grade modems, then you may need to add software drivers which may be quite difficult.