Traffic Control for a Better Internet Experience

Do you have multiple devices connected to your router?

Ever have one device try to download at max speed for hours? (Windows updates, Steam?)

This leads to a very poor experience on the whole network your router provides while a device hogs your internet connection creating dodgy video streaming, VOIP calls, and gaming experiences.

I’ve implemented SQM traffic control on my router following this tutorial, and I give it the thumbs up. I suggest you give it a try if you are on GL.iNet firmware 2.7+ or LEDE 17.01+ .

Should not take more than 10 minutes and your experience will be much improved.

If you are using the device as a WISP client as I am, I use the wlan-sta interface for SQM on my AR300M.


That’s great! Thanks for sharing.


I am new to B1300 but so far I like it a lot. Can I do that steps if I am on stock firmware or I need to flush it vanilla openwrt first.

Hey @nopro404 thanks for this.
I followed your script to a T, but doesn’t work for me.

Ive only got one WAN, which is my phone, tethered.
Using it is rinsing data really fast, so want to limit my connection to it.
On my device, in Interfaces, my Tether is ETH1

BASIC SETTINGS > eth1 and limited UL/DL by 50%
QUE DISCIPLINE > cake+piece of cake
LINK LAYER > I’ve tried all three DEFAULT, ADSL & ETH

Ive also done all BASIC SETTING using LAN aswell as ETH1

Everytime my bandwdith UL/DL doesn’t change.

I read that SQM is for specific devices, not for general throughout.
But if that’s the case, then where do I nominate/designate the device?
Or is it QOS that is device specific?

Im stumped on this.
i paid someone techy who knows Open WRT and they said its a firmware glitch.
Im running 18.06 on GLI 3.105.
All the helps files (yours included) say it should work fine.

Really confused.
Any help or nudges from anyone greatly appreciated.