Transfer speeds to attached USB storage


I recently acquired a GLMT300N-V2 mini router, which for most purposes is working quite well for me.

My only disappointment is that transferring files over the Wifi to the USB drive attached to the router is fairly slow. I am getting speeds of about 325 KB/s when I try to copy files to the drive.

Is it unrealistic to hope for much faster transfer speeds? Is there anything I should do to improve the situation?

Any help is much appreciated.


EDIT: I should add that I am using the “scp” command on linux to transfer files over SSH.

325KB/s is around 2.5Mbps. Not fast. The device can achieve several MB/s. Not sure about the problem you met, may be file systems?

I am using ext4 for the hard drive plugged into the router. The manual recommends ext4 or NTFS so I think that is probably not the problem.

If you are using a hard drive then the power might not be enough. Is it a powered drive or usb only? You might need a usb powered hub in that case.

If you meant usb stick, then it should work fine without extra power.

The hard drive I am using has its own power source. I also tried a small external SSD.

So, I think that is not the issue. Thanks though.