Translate in french interface Glinet 4.X

Hi everyone,
I make a translation of glinet interface 4.X in french . (42.4 KB)

Is it possible to integrate it into the official firwmare?



Thank you very much, we’ll discuss how to handle it next.
If we want to add French officially, we have to make sure it’s maintainable. So maybe a user free solution to add the language.

For others who want to use French, the interim solution:

  1. upload the zip file to your device, then extract it to /www/i18n/. Make sure the file path is similar to /www/i18n/
  2. Execute this command via SSH
    curl -k -H 'glinet: 1' -d '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "call", "params":["", "ui", "set_lang",{"lang": "fr"}], "id":1}'